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Ohio Natural Stone Works
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135 Blaze Industrial Parkway - Berea, Ohio 44017
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Ohio Natural Stone Works, Stone Fabrication, 135 Blaze Industrial Parkway, Berea Ohio 44017. Phone: #440-239-9830

Ohio Natural Stone Works
Stone Fabricators Northeast Ohio
135 Blaze Industrial Parkway
Berea, Ohio 44017
Phone: 440-239-9830

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Stone Fabrication Ohio

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Granite Counterops Northeast Ohio
Stone Fabricators Northeast Ohio

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Granite Counterops Northeast Ohio

Granite Counterops Northeast Ohio

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Granite & Marble Countertops
Granite & Marble Countertops Northern Ohio 

Beautiful Custom Granite & Marble Countertops

Granite CountertopsIf you are planning to upgrade your home, the kitchen is a great best place to begin. Replacing your outdated countertops with the elegance, durability, and timeless beauty of granite or marble is one of the smartest investments you can make in your home. Granite or Marble is the perfect choice for beauty and functionality for your kitchen.

Granite or Marble countertops add more than beauty to your home. Granite countertops add value and enhancing the quality of your life today and the resale value of your home, tomorrow.

Ohio Natural Stone offers highly competitive prices and professional installation for turnkey granite countertops & marble countertops. Choose from a wide variety of granite & marble colors and textures.

Granite has many advantages:

  • Granite CountertopsDurable Granite is the hardest of natural stones.
  • Timeless Granite is not a "trendy" counter top material Natural stone has been used throughout the centuries and maintains its "timeless beauty".
  • Heat Resistant Unlike man-made surfaces, granite is extremely resistant to heat and scratching when exposed to hot pots and pans.
  • Scratch Resistant Granite resists scratching and chipping from knives and kitchen utensils.
  • Naturally Unique Our granite countertops have an elegant natural appearance created from a crystallization process in nature that took millions of years to complete. Each piece of granite has a unique look.
  • Long-lasting polished finish The crystal-like appearance combined with a high-quality sealant keeps granite countertops shining for years.

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, we invite your to stop by and talk to our friendly sales staff about our custom granite countertops.

Cultured Marble Advantages

  • Stains
    Cultured marble is resistant to "etching" stains from acid or vinegar. Cultured marble is also waterproof, so it will not discolor due to exposure to water. Cultured marble is also a perfect, easy-to-maintain choice for soaking tubs, therapeutic jetted tubs, effervescent air tubs, and showers.
  • Seams
    Cultured marble products are cast in molds, which means that they do not have the seams associated with traditional marble fixtures. Cultured marble fixtures are easier to clean since they have no cracks, and the lack of seams makes them look elegant. With no grout lines, they are easier to clean than tile.
  • Leaks
    Cultured marble products are leak proof. Where traditional marble tubs might leak due to cracks, seams or the naturally porous nature of the material, cultured marble fixtures will not leak.
  • Type
    Many different manufacturers sell cultured marble products, but not all products are made with the same level of care. The International Cast Polymer Association regulates the cultured marble industry and offers a certification that guarantees product quality.
Ohio Natural Stone Works
Stone Fabricators Northeast Ohio
135 Blaze Industrial Parkway
Berea, Ohio 44017
President/Owner STEVE MASON
Phone: 440-239-9830
Fax: (440) 239-9850

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